ADVENT NM100 Navigation/Bluetooth/Rear View Monitor Mirror

BusThe Advent NM100 replacement rearview mirror provides a truly cost-effective navigation solution for almost any vehicle! The NM100 comes with built-in iGo Primo Navigation with 3D mapping (the same system that is supplied in their “OE” navigation systems), a built-in handsfree Bluetooth system with phone book accessibility as well as a 4.3-inch LED backlit digital monitor with touch screen. This system includes internal microphone, speaker and GPS antenna as well as universal GM/Ford/Chrysler windshield mounts.

Navigation Safety Mode: This feature shuts off the monitor until your next turn or Navigation instruction needs to be displayed. The next turn will come up and then the screen will shut off unless your next instruction is less than one minute away.
Bluetooth Mode: Bluetooth can connect to one phone at a time, and can dial from the phone, from the mirror’s touchpad, or from the call history list in the mirror.
Rear Camera Mode: Can be paired with any display any standard rear camera, allowing camera operation in reverse, or can display factory rear camera if previously displayed in factory mirror (additional labor may be required). Aftermarket camera can also be wired as a “lane change” camera, allowing camera display to be switched on demand while driving (additional labor may be required).

  • Built-in iGo Primo navigation with 19 on-screen display languages
  • US and Canada maps with 11 million POIs
  • Text-to-Speech recorded voice guidance in English, French and and Spanish
  • Built-in Bluetooth with Phone Book
  • Internal Microphone, Speakers and GPS Antenna
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