Backup Cameras for Roll-Off Trucks

Roll off Truck
A backup camera system with 2 cameras allows you to monitor your roll-off truck from the driver’s seat. The large containers that roll off trucks carry make backing up a hazard, but Movin’ On GPS has devised a system for roll off trucks that should exist from the factory.

With one camera on the cab (to monitor the container or bin) and another camera on the tail of the truck, the system allows the driver to see every inch of the roll off truck from a monitor on the dashboard. This not only reduces liabilities from backing up, but also helps protect your important cargo.

Installations of this sort are not simple. Roll off trucks have many moving parts, heavy gears, and environmental variables. The experienced installers at Movin’ On GPS have successfully implemented these installations while taking all of these challenges into account. Are your roll off trucks protected? A backup camera system is an investment that will pay you back quickly.