Digital Message Players

Airport shuttle bus parked outside an airport waiting for passengers

Custom Applications for your Vehicle and Industry

Digital message players store recordings and play them at the push of a button. Our units can be wired to their own speakers, or integrated with an audio system or public address system.

These recordings can also be triggered by an electrical input, such as a door pin switch, an emergency brake, or any other component you can think of.

Movin’ On can build you a custom application for whatever industry you are in. Consider a digital message player for:

  • Buses
  • Shuttles
  • Tour Vehicles
  • Airport Transportation

A Custom Trigger Perfect for Any Event

Recorded messages can be controlled by a set of colored buttons on the dashboard, or by a mechanical or electrical event in the vehicle. Some useful triggers are:

  • A door opening or closing
  • Brakes being applied
  • A PTO being engaged
  • Arrival at a set location*
  • Departure from a set location*
      *May require our GPS Tracking System

When a button is pressed, a message is played. In this photo, we see the button layout in a typical vehicle.

Set Up for Easy Use

Because we have access to all inputs and outputs on our message players, there are virtually an unlimited amount of configurations for each unit. In the photo to the right, we have four buttons in place that each play their own message.

Depending on your industry, these buttons can play a welcome message, music, information, advertising, or a warning.

Unit Features & Specifications


  • MPEG 1, Layer 3 (MP3) record and playback
  • Local Record capability
  • User-friendly controls
  • 99 independent messages(01 – 99)
  • Instantaneous, random access of messages
  • Flash memory, no battery backup required
  • DML – Dynamic Message Length
  • Line and microphone inputs
  • Line and speaker outputs
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Several playback modes
  • Playing relay
  • Rack mount kits available as an option
  • Serial (RS-232) control, setup and audio file transfer
  • MPEG 1, Layers 1, 2 & 3 playback capability
  • Synchronization relay for sequencing applications
  • Front mount LED indicators and manual controls for convenience in rack applications with optional rack mount kit.

Product Details

The message player incorporates a MPEG processor for record and playback quality of up to 15kHz bandwidth. With its increased capacity, the message player is able to store up to 99 individual messages. Dynamic Message Length (DML) technology allows each of the 99 messages to be of different duration. DML also provides for replacement messages to be a different length than the original, maximizing memory efficiency and compatibility with future applications.

Local recording is accomplished through a straight forward user interface with standard line level and microphone connections. Line and amplified audio outputs are provided with level control. Eight message triggers are available on the remote control terminal while the remainder may be accessed by the user interface or the Serial (RS-232) interface of the message player.

Push buttons and LED indicators of the message playere are relocated to the front of the system for better accessibility in rack mount applications. The Serial interface of the message player allows for complete control of recording and playback as well as customization of default settings. Audio files may be mastered on a Personal Computer then digitally transferred to the message player in MPEG 1 Layer 1, Layer 2 or Layer 3(MP3) formats.

The message player utilizes solid state, non-volatile, FLASH memory which stores messages until they are re-written. Message data is protected from power outages and no battery is required. The system contains no moving parts and offers unsurpassed reliability. The message player offers a standard one year warranty and is proudly manufactured in the USA.