Driver Behavior Monitoring

moss-gps-systemDetect unsafe driving through accelerometer-based behavior recognition. Harsh acceleration, short stops, and other types of aggressive driving can be recorded and logged for future review. What’s better, the system integrates with Movin’ On GPS so the information is logged directly to your tracking portal.

Text & Email Alerts

Set sensitivity thresholds for aggressive driving, and get notifications via SMS and Email. Know who, where, when, and what happened.

Comprehensive Reports

Because your GPS system is continually logging information to the portal, a series of reports can be run to analyze driving patterns. Use data as a benchmark to improve behavior and reduce liabilities.

A Wealth of Benefits

  • Helps reduce the change of liabilities
  • Keeps your employees and customers safe
  • Reduce wear and tear on your vehicles, including brakes and suspension
  • May qualify for an insurance discount

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