Emergency Key Override

Leave an unattended vehicle running… securely.

The Emergency Key Override is perfect for Police and Fire Department vehicles that must remain running while at emergency calls. Because there is a security risk in leaving a vehicle running, Emergency Key Override enables a vehicle to run after removing the key… NO keys, NO risk, NO liability.

Police, Fire, and Emergency vehicles equipped with an EKO can run with NO KEY in the ignition, while lights, radios, and accessories maintain power. There is no security risk, as the vehicle will shut down with any attempt to drive it. Activating the EKO takes no deliberate action, as any emergency situation will engage it automatically.

MOVIN’ ON can provide you with an easy to use, automated security system that will secure your vehicles when they are most needed, and most vulnerable. Don’t let your staff get caught with their guard down, the EKO may be the most important new addition to your fleet.

MOVIN’ ON specializes in the sales and installation of GPS tracking units, Mobile DVR Surveillance Systems, Whelen emergency lighting, and many other products and services. You can trust MOVIN’ ON, with over 27 years in the mobile security industry to give you the services and expertise your department needs.