MOSS-17 Visor Light Bar

The MOSS-17 Visor Light Bar is the perfect addition to any emergency vehicle in need of a non-permanent lighting solution. With no screws or custom wiring, the compact light bar easily mounts to the sun visor in the front of the vehicle, and is powered by the cigarette lighter plug. Easy to access buttons allow the driver to change the blink pattern as necessary.

The MOSS-17 Visor Light Bar is also a great add-on for unmarked vehicles who’s presence should be known at a job site or other location.

Moss-17 Visor Light Bar Specs

Voltage DC 12v
LED Colors red/amber/blue/white
LED Options 0.5W
Control Circuits 2
Color Mode A/W
Lamp Type LED
Lamp Quantity 86
Flash Patterns 16
A/A means the LED color of the two circuits are the same, A/W means the color are different. R-Red, B-Blue, W-White, A-Amber

NOTE: LED Colors and Sequence are needed upon placing order.

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