MOSS-185t Windshield/Visor-Mounted Light Bar

The MOSS-185t light bar is perfect for both permanent installations and temporary setups via a cigarette lighter plug. Designed specifically for use inside the vehicle, the MOSS-185t has a curved surface on the front which suites the contours of windshields, whether it is mounted on the bottom or top. Powering the unit is done either by a cigarette lighter plug or hardwired installation.

For anyone moving to and from several vehicles, the MOSS-185t is a must-have.

MOSS-185t Visor Mount LED Light Bar Spec

Voltage DC 12v
LED Colors red/amber/blue/white
Control Circuits 10
Color Mode A/W/A/W/A  A/A/A/A/A
Lamp Type LED
Lamp Quantity 30
Flash Patterns 18

 A/W means the LED color of the Ten circuits are alternating Amber/White

NOTE: LED Colors and Sequence are needed upon placing order.