MOSS-81 Windshield-Mounted Modular LED Light Bar

The two 8 LED light heads on the MOSS-81 pack a huge punch for a unit so small. The included bracket includes suction cups for mounting to a windshield, making it perfect for almost any enclosed commercial vehicle.

Compact size means more applications, and a slanted shroud means little to no glare inside the vehicle.

MOSS-81 Windshield Mount Dual Modular Light Bar Spec

Voltage DC 12v
LED Color Combinations Red/Blue
Control Circuits 2
LED Sequence 1/2, 1/1
Lamp Type LED
Lamp Quantity 16
Flash Patterns 16
A/A means the LED color of the two circuits are the same, A/W means the color are different. R-Red, B-Blue, W-White, A-Amber.

NOTE: LED Colors and Sequence are needed upon placing order.

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