MOSS-981 Windshield/Visor-Mounted LED Light Bar

The two 8 LED light heads on the MOSS-981 pack a huge punch for a unit so small. This lightweight, low power consumption light bar can be powered from a standard cigarette lighter or be hardwired for a professional touch. The brackets also fit suction cups for temporary mounting to a windshield, making it perfect for EMS workers or individuals who need to switch vehicles.

18 Flash patterns are selectable from the unit itself, and include flashes from amber and white LED’s.

MOSS-981 Windshield Visor Mounbt LED Light Bar Spec

Voltage DC 12v
LED Colors red/amber/blue/white
LED Options 1W
Control Circuits 4
Color Mode A/W/A/W
Lamp Type LED
Lamp Quantity 16
Flash Patterns 18
A/A means the LED color of the two circuits are the same, A/W means the color are different. R-Red, B-Blue, W-White, A-Amber

NOTE: LED Colors and Sequence are needed upon placing order.

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