MOSS-8711wA Roof-Mounted Mini LED Light Bar

From sedans, to vans, to pickup tucks, you will find a spot for the MOSS-8711wA on the roof. 4 mounting feet with a single wire to run into the vehicle makes for a solid and reliable installation.

Because it can fit so many different vehicles, this module can be used for security patrol, police, fire, EMS, and road work. Use as an auxiliary lighting system, or as your main light bar.

The MOSS-8711wA is as bright as it is versatile, with 6 1watt LED’s in every one of the 14 light heads. Choose from 18 flash patterns available in red, amber, blue, and clear LED light to fit any application.

MOSS-8711w LED Mini Roof Light Bar

Voltage DC 12v or DC 24v
LED Colors red/amber/blue/clear
LED Options 0.5W or 1W
Lamp Type LED
Other Waterproof
Flash Patterns 18 Includes Off
NOTE: LED Colors and Sequence are needed upon placing order.

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