MOSS-9800-8 LED Modular Light Bar

With 8 light head modules, illuminated by 8-1 watt LED’s each, the MOSS-9800-8 light bar is hard to miss. This 64 LED light bar is great for mounting on the rear deck of a sedan or in the back window of an SUV, and is a must-have for emergency or work vehicles that must be parked at the side of a busy road during a traffic stop or other situations.

18 Flash patterns are selectable through a convenient wired controller, easily accessible by the driver. The MOSS-003 controller allows for direct access to 3 commonly used patterns: Arrow Left, Arrow Right and Center Out, plus 14 more to choose from. Gen III LED’s mean high output, low heat and low power consumption.


Voltage DC 12v or DC 24v
LED Colors red/amber/blue/white
LED Options 1W-Gen III
Control Circuits 8
Color Mode A/W/A/W/A/W/A/W A/A/A/A/W/W/W/W
Lamp Type LED
Lamp Quantity 64
Flash Patterns 18
A/W/A/W/A/W/A/W means the LED color of the eight circuits are alternating Amber/White

NOTE: LED Colors and Sequence are needed upon placing order.

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