Emergency Vehicle Lights in Nassau County

With years of experience installing complex lighting systems for private and municipal fleets, Movin’ On can provide a flexible arrangement of configurations. When combined with our GPS tracking units, activity from these lighting systems can be logged to your vehicle’s database for retrieval later on.

  • Police lighting
  • EMS and Fire lighting
  • Security vehicles
  • Auxiliary driving lights

Light Bars

Perfect for the roof of security vehicles, roadside assistance vehicles, and anywhere with a flat surface. Lots of bright lights on all sides make these visible from any vantage point.

MOSS-8711w LED Mini Roof Light Bar Black Side

Visor and Dash Lights

These emergency lights mount to the inside windshield of a vehicle, with many mounting options including visor clips and suction cups.

MOSS-185t Visor Mount LED Light Bar Spec

Other Emergency Lights

From the rear window, to the tailgate, to the surface of heavy machinery, we have the perfect strobe lights for your application.

MOSS-21 Angled (2)

MOSS-18 Angled


Also ask about on-site installations for your convenience. Our professional installers and mobile shop can come to you for everything from repairs to new installations.



Traffic Advisors

Mini Roof Bars

Hideaway Kits