Garmin Integration

Smarter Dispatching with Garmin™

Garmin™ Navigation provides dispatchers and fleet managers with the ability to communicate with drivers through a Garmin Personal Navigation Device (PND) installed in the vehicle. Dispatchers may choose destinations for their fleet vehicles, and send those destinations electronically (along with a description of the Job and instructions) to the vehicle’s PNDs. Drivers can then use the PNDs for turn-by-turn directions to the destination. The job’s status is instantly available to the dispatcher in a simple map-based interface. Dispatchers and drivers may also exchange messages easily and safely using the Garmin PNDs.

  • Eliminate discrepancies
  • No need for driver to “write it down” in transit
  • Save time
  • Increase accuracy of information
  • Keep records of job completion and time
  • Re-route drivers effectively
  • Enjoy the benefits of Garmin navigation
  • Garmin navigation speaks many languages