Heavy duty backup sensors installed on Long Island

Long Island truck with backup sensors

Your sedan has backup sensors, but your truck does not?

Consider the damage that a large truck can cause by backing into an object at low speed. Long Island has seen many recent high profile backup accidents in commercial vehicles, and it is amazing how many fleets have no reverse sensing systems whatsoever. Typical backup sensors are flush-mounted to your bumper at a shop or from the factory. These sensors are made of plastic and are only suitable for light duty operation. For commercial vehicles such as flatbed trucks, box trucks, and tractor trailers, a solid unit housed in durable metal is the only answer.
backup sensors sold on Long Island

Commercial grade backup sensors installed on Long Island

Movin’ On can travel to you, or you can travel to us. We service many commercial and municipal fleets all over Long Island, with GPS Tracking, backup cameras, surveillance systems, and other mobile electronics. Consider our commercial backup sensors an investment that will prevent liabilities:

  • Wiring and control modules that can withstand shock and vibration
  • Weatherproof components and housings
  • Display module for driver that gives visual, numeric, and audible alerts
  • Lifetime guarantee on all labor performed by Movin’ On

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