DVR Sample Videos

Samples from the MovinOnGPS mobile Van

Recording 1

Here is a sample of a recording from our Ford Transit van. The DVR software allows the user to zero in on one camera at a time, or view all four. We have systems with up to 12 cameras, but this unit contains 4.

Recording 2

This is just another sample of our 4 channel DVR system. Simply select a date and time in the DVR software and it will zero in on the video. These clips are during the work day around Long Island, New York.

Recording 3

This video is an example of how creative and capable our technicians are. Our van is outfitted with a motion detector that turns the DVR system on whenever there is movement close to the vehicle. The van is parked and shut down, yet the DVR turns on as soon as the black SUV is moved.

Recording 4

This video is of the MovinOnGPS van driving through traffic in Queens after the equipment trade show at Corona Park.

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