MobilEye Fleet Safety

Keep your drivers and assets safe with an extra set of eyes


Mobileye Collision Avoidance Systems are the latest advancement in accident prevention. The System utilizes an intelligent vision sensor that views the road ahead, like a bionic eye. It can identify objects in your driver’s path that may pose threats, such as other vehicles, cyclists or pedestrians. The system continuously measures the distance and relative speeds of these objects to calculate the risk of your driver colliding with them.

How does MobilEye warn drivers?

Lane Departure Warning
Detects if the vehicle is drifting from it’s lane

Forward Collision Warning
Warns driver if they are rapidly approaching a vehicle

mobile-eyeHeadway Monitoring Warning
Notifies driver if they are following too closely

Pedestrian Collision Warning
Warn’s drivers of approaching pedestrians

Speed Limit Indication
The system speed limit signs and notifies driver if they are speeding

Intelligent High Beam control
Detects oncoming traffic and notifies driver to switch their high beams off

See MobilEye in action

Below is a playlist of 6 videos demonstrating some of the main features you will get with your MobilEye.

90% of Leading Car Manufacturers Can’t Be Wrong

Recognized as world leader in collision avoidance technology, Mobileye has been selected by a wide range of global automotive manufacturers for their production vehicles, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, BMW, Volvo, Hyundai, Honda and more.

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tractor-trailer-on-highwayCost savings

Not only is the Mobileye Collision Avoidance System competitively priced for today’s fleet management budgets, the return on investment your company will experience is swift and substantial. Of course the ultimate investment return is greater safety on the road, however, a fleet that’s protected by Mobileye also experiences a better bottom line.
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MobilEye Enhancement boxAdd the enhancement box for additional features

The Enhancement Box, in conjunction with the Mobileye 5 Series Collision Avoidance System, provides added features to the system. The Enhancement Box activates different functions of the vehicle automatically when danger appears imminent. These added functions focus and intensify the warning alert experience to help keep drivers even safer.

Examples of the added features than can be activated by the Enhancement Box include:

  • The car radio being muted, so the audio alerts are more pronounced.
  • A haptic warning can be added via a seat vibrator when audio alerts are not enough.
  • Factory cruise control can be instantly deactivated to ensure greater manual control over the vehicle — which is the first Retrofit Enhancement Cruise Control (RECC) system of its kind.
  • Any function or third party device can be included that has a discrete input.
  • The Enhancement Box also allows for analog integration with older vehicles that are not equipped with CAN or
  • J-bus signals.

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