MOSS 2800 Trailer Asset Tracking and Security Beacon


The MOSS 2800 is a high-performance beacon designed for commercial trailers which are typically tethered to 12V and 24V vehicle systems. Trailers may now be tracked as independent vehicles in the GPS Portal, regardless of whether they are tethered to a tractor. The device transmits location data using the latest 3G HSPA (high speed packet access) network technology for fast and error-free data communication.

This fully weather-proofed device has a powerful internal battery that will
power the device for more than one month while the trailer is untethered,
providing periodic location data.

Real-time Location and Reporting

Single point locale Pinpoint the trailer’s current location
Scenario tracking Provides periodic location to assist in trailer recovery
Route logs Archive records of trailer movements
Power cut notification Receive notifications when the trailer is untethered from the tractor
Low battery notification Receive notifications when the internal battery of the device requires charging

Long-term Trailer Management

The MOSS 2800 is designed to provide reliable location data even though the trailer may be untethered from a power source for an extended period.

The device conserves its internal battery by entering a “deep sleep” mode when the trailer is untethered. The device will wake up on a schedule set by the tracking scenario, transmit its current location to the GPS Portal, then re-enter sleep mode.

When the trailer is reconnected to a power source, the MOSS 2800’s internal battery will fully recharge in 2-3 hours.

Tracking may be enabled at a frequency of up to 4 locates per day, every 6 hours from a start time set by the user. The interval may be set to every 12 hours, or once every 24 hours to maximize battery life.

Download the MOSS 2800 Data Sheet
Download the MOSS 2800 Installation Guide