MOSS-DC2 Dual Lens Car DVR with GPS & G-Sensor

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The DC2 dual-lens dashboard video camera offers two-channel recording (both inside and outside vehicle), GPS position and speed logging, an adjustable front lens, and many other features.

The DC2 is extremely easy to set up and use. By default, the display on the DC2 shows you video from both the front and rear lens. Once attached to your windshield, adjust the positioning of the camera itself to point correctly on the inside of the vehicle, and then simply move the front lens up or down to accurately capture video out the front windshield as well. We like that the inside-facing lens is cleanly built in to the body of the camera, in the center of the menu buttons.

Attach the supplied GPS antenna to the DC2 to also capture your vehicle’s location, how fast it was going, and more, along with the video. The DC2 comes with easy to use X2 software to playback video and GPS position logs.

When you remove the memory card from the DC2 and place it into your computer or card reader, the software is already there on the memory card. Pretty convenient! X2 works with Windows 2000/XP/Vista.A Micro SD memory card (8, 16, or 32GB – Class 6 or higher) is required for use with the DC2.

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