MOSS-DC3 Optional Accessories

External GPS active antenna / MOSS-GPSA-6000M


  • Optional external GPS antenna can be added if needed for additional sensitivity.
  • Cable length is 6 meters, magnet type.
  • IP67 waterproof

Video-out cable / MOSS-VOC-100


  • Current recording video can be displayed on Video monitor.
  • RCA Male Jack type
  • Cable length is 1 meter.

Rear view camera


  • MOSS DC3 drive recorder is able to use 3 Channel recording with additional rear camera use.
  • Camera cable length is around 22 meters for HD truck.
  • IP67 grade, 170(d) wide angle, IR camera
  • Back-gear signal output

Emergency event button / MOSS-FS-10M


  • SOS Foot Switch is used to make inconspicuous “Emergency Event Recordings” if the need arises. This option is to be used in lieu of the “manual event” button that is on the device itself.
  • IP54, Steel
  • 10A / 250VAC

Y cable / MOSS-TCB-100


OBDII Scanner / MOSS-SU-200