MOSS-DVR-810 4 Channel Compact Mobile DVR System

Automotive Vehicle MonitorBy now you have heard of mobile DVR systems that provide video surveillance in buses, trucks, and other service vehicles. As technology improves, these systems can be installed in tighter places than ever before! The MOSS-DVR-810 is an advanced mobile DVR system with 4 camera inputs, and the system itself measures only a few inches.

With available features such as live monitoring and GPS plotting, the MOSS-DVR-810 is one of your best options for video surveillance in fleet vehicles.

Enjoy State of the Art Features to Monitor your Fleet Vehicles


  • Solid solid state memory via 2 SD cards means your footage has a better chance of surviving a crash
  • One lock secures the whole system from tampering
  • Sturdy metal housing is designed for commercial applications
  • Available GPS antenna plots route on a map to work in conjunction with footage
  • Available integration with cellular internet, giving you live access to the system
  • Easy playback via SD cards with most desktop computers
  • 4 Camera inputs is sufficient for vehicles of many sizes
  • Small main unit allows mounting in a variety of location

Download MOSS-DVR-810 User Guide in PDF