Our Advantage

Choose wisely…

We know your choices are vast when it comes to a GPS tracking provider, but not all providers are created equal. Whether you choose MovinOnGPS or one of our competitors, consider the following to make an educated decision:

  • Who installs the GPS units? Are their installers in-house, or subcontracted?
  • What kind of warranty does the labor and equipment come with?
  • How much does it cost to remove and reinstall units when you change vehicles?
  • What type of experience do their installers have?
  • Who do you deal with when you call the company? Where are they located?
  • Are you signing any contracts?

So choose wisely, and do your research. To help make your choice an easy one, here are some facts you should know about MovinOnGPS Fleet Management:

  • We have been providing mobile electronics installation services for over 28 years
  • Our customers range from single-unit accounts to municipalities such as Nassau County
  • All of our installers are in-house, and have experience in all aspects of vehicle electrical systems
  • A real person picks up the phone 6 days a week–no automated menu, excessive “on hold”, or email-only support.
  • A host of other products and services for your fleet, from security systems to bluetooth devices, visit our retail site www.movinon.com
  • No contracts, lifetime labor warranty, and we even give you a risk free one month trial
  • Unique vehicle integration available for your fleet’s own needs; Temperature monitoring, mobile video surveillance, security notifications, PTO monitoring, remote door-unlock, starter disable, and much more!

You’d be hard-pressed to find a GPS service provider on Long Island (or the Tri-State) to provide the level of products and services we offer. Read out testimonials to see how satisfied other business owners are with MovinOnGPS.