Ram Laptop Mounts

The No-Drill™ Laptop Mount Installs Seamlessly!

The RAM Vehicle Laptop Mount is designed for most any car, truck, van, big rig and fleet vehicle on the road. These heavy-duty steel laptop bases are custom formed to fit specific vehicle models. This provides a laptop mounting platform for any RAM Vehicle Mounting System. Using the front bench or passenger side seat rail bolts as attachment points, existing hardware in the vehicle is all that is required to secure these laptop bases. If needed, additional hardware is supplied for your laptop auto mount. Because of their unique ability to absorb damaging shock and vibration, RAM laptop desks are the perfect choice for securing computers and electronics of any type.

  • Combine with our tracking system for mobile fleet control
  • Easily work away from the office while parked in your vehicle
  • Locking mechanisms keep your laptop safe and secure
  • Use with our Mobile WiFi hotspots

RAM Mounts for the Apple iPad & iPad 2

Revolutionary products like the iPad deserve a revolutionary mounting system. You knew RAM would be offering a cradle specifically designed for the Apple iPad and we did not let you down. A key feature of the iPad is its thin and elegant shape. Our new cradles for the iPad compliments this thin shape with a form fitting design that is fully compatible with a wide range of mounting products. The iPad has been designed to be a personal assistant and companion ready to travel where ever life takes you. Get the most out of your iPad keeping it safe, secure, and at the ready in anything that rides, fly’s, drives or floats. Truly the most versatile and practical accessory for the iPad available today, get yourself a RAM Mount and get the most out of your favorite electronic devices everyday.

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