Rear View Camera Installations New York

We install, sell, and service rear view cameras for trucks, cars, and commercial vehicles.

After a number of high profile incidents relating to backup accidents, there has been a higher consumer awareness of rear view cameras in New York. There’s no question that rear view cameras prevent accidents from happening, just ask the many insurance companies that will reduce your rates if you can prove your commercial vehicles are equipped with them. rear view camera systems can be as simple as a rear facing camera with a screen in the front, or as complex as a 4 to 8 camera observation system that covers every corner.

Don’t let your business fall victim to liabilities that are completely preventable. Every day, more New York business owners are getting their entire fleets outfitted with rear view camera systems.


  • Insurance discounts (check with your insurance company for details)
  • Increased safety
  • Reduce or eliminate damage to vehicles
  • Makes backing up easier!
  • Combine with multiple cameras for a full featured observation system
  • Combine with a mobile DVR to record every second!

We sell and install rear view cameras

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