Know who was driving what vehicle

RFID tags allow you to see who was driving what vehicle.

Identify your personnel with RFID technology

buttonWhen you have multiple people sharing or swapping vehicles, your tracking system is only giving you part of the story. RFID tags can help you with time tracking, accountability, and team management in real time.

The iButton® system

Every employee gets a unique identification code, embedded in a small and convenient iButton. After starting the vehicle, the employee will be prompted to insert their iButton. If not, a buzzer will sound.

Everything built into one system

Our GPS tracking systems seamlessly integrates* with the RFID tag, so you can run your usual reports that tell you what vehicle was going where, when, but now you also know who was driving.

Flexible Installation

The iButton receiver is built to mount flush to a variety of dashboards. Movin’ On will install your RFID system so that it’s easy to use and access, just like it was part of the vehicle.
Management of employees

Movin’ On Handles everything from top to bottom

No need to learn new software or store a new set of bulky hardware. Movin’ On GPS’s RFID system is built right into your existing tracking portal. Log into one place, and see everything from your computer or smartphone.

Save time and money

Employee identification is nothing new. The most successful companies keep track of their employees with identification numbers, swipe cards, and RFID tags because they help save time. Stop wondering who is where, and manage your fleet with complete confidence. Give us a call, and find out about getting RFID for your staff and fleet. (516) 489-2350

*Only available on 6500 series GPS tracking systems as of Jan 2014

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