Safeguard Companion Personal GPS

safeguard CompanionThe Safeguard Companion is a personal GPS tracking system that runs on battery power. The system can be used to track workers, assets, or even vehicles via a variety of settings including GEO-fencing and speeding alarms.


  • AGPS – (Assisted GPS) allow 3 second accurate locations in buildings, urban canyons and difficult reception areas.
  • SOS Emergency Button – Connects to a 24X7 emergency response center
  • Specialized Applications – Two additional buttons for additional requirements
  • Easy to Use – Computer system allows remote programming of all internal features and functions!
  • Quad Band – Operates World Wide
  • Emergency Alarm Notification – Text messages or email to multiple people
  • Use any Computer – Browser based – Use any computer to receive time specific location and status reports.


Locate & Track:
On-demand Locate requests can be made from any Internet enabled computer. Automatic Tracking can be programmed online and changed as needed.

Two Way Voice (two options):
Device wakes up, locates by GPS, Transmits location, Resumes sleep mode.
Standard Voice service provides complete location based services, Emergency and Concierge services such as directions to banks, hotel, restaurants, gas stations, roadside assistance etc…

SOS Emergency Button:
Recessed Emergency SOS Button connects to the 24X7, Live Operator Emergency Response Center, displaying the emergency location alarm icon on the map at the current location, then automatically notifies (3) pre-programmed Cell Phones, additionally sends an alarm notice to pre-programmed e-mail addresses.

Speeding Alarm :
A maximum speed limit can be set by the owner, from any computer. Speeding Alarms are displayed on the map and saved by the server to be displayed on the tracking history report.

Geo-Fence Alarm:
Up to 5 user-defined geographic areas, or Geo-Fence boundaries, can be programmed through any computer. The Geo-Fence Alarm notifies (3) pre-programmed Cell Phones and E-mail Addresses when the device Enters or Leaves one of the designated Geo-Fences..

Anti-Theft Alarm:
A 100 foot current location Geo-Fence can be created with the programmed Button on the Safeguard Companion. This triggers a Text Message Notification if the Device is moved more than 100 Ft to all pre-programmed Cell Phones, and all pre-programmed E-mail addresses.

Low Battery Alarm:
Low Battery Alarm notifies the 24X7, Live Operator Emergency Response Center, sends a Text Message to (3) pre-programmed Cell Phones, sends an alarm notice to the pre-programmed e-mail addresses and provides a location on the map.

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