Child Checkmate System

How does Child Checkmate Work?

You simply select which product functionality you wish to activate. Each system includes our latest release of Child Check-Mate with enhanced functionality. Once installed, the bus driver will be required to walk the bus before exiting, or the horn will sound. This is accomplished by a button in the rear of the bus, which must be pressed in sequence after the unit is activated.

Product Features

  • Includes state of the firmware with programmable flash memory and built-in power surge protection.
  • Ensures that bus drivers perform required post trip checks for sleeping children
  • Proven reliable hardware is installed to quality controlled standards by authorized technicians

All EP models are completely programmable which allows the system to adapt itself to unforeseen state specific legislation where future changes in functionality and feature set may be required. System tolerances and alarm delay sequencing can be easily modified to accommodate handicap, daycare, charter or other special needs vehicles. User friendly software can be downloaded from our website while programming adapters are available as a standalone option. Alternatively, systems may be customized by Child Check-Mates technicians before delivery. Please note: that software will only be required if there is a need to change functionality.

Driver & Operator Protection!

mechanic working on schoolbusThe benefits of the Child Check-Mate system go far beyond that of simply improving child passenger safety. Unfortunate as it is, accidents can and do happen. With the recent increase in the number of incidences, the consequences of leaving a child behind have led to an increase in job termination and in some cases, criminal charges. As a result, State legislatures in conjunction with insurance companies are working hand in hand to promote mandatory use of systems such as Child Check-Mate along a path similar to that of the crossing arm legislation. Child Check-Mate helps protect both the driver and the operator by reducing possible exposure through litigation and the inevitable rising cost of insurance premiums.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident, nor can it be imitated!

When considering an investment in child passenger safety, do not be confused by imitation “child check” systems. Child Check-Mate Systems Inc. is the originator of the patented Child Check-Mate System, so be sure to ask for it by name. Specifically, the success of any safety program relies to a large degree upon how easily it adapts itself to the business and how it measured over the long term. More importantly, it is all about the safety and functionality. That’s what Child Check-Mate Systems Inc. is all about. There are no gimmicks or trendy feature sets, such as the flashing interior lights; and, we don’t propose to “trap the driver in the bus”. Child Check-Mate Systems Inc. is about fail-safe functionality, fleet-wide uniformity and a long-term maintenance free safety solution that works!

Generic look and feel, operation and installation regardless of bus make or model!

The original Child Check-Mate System has become the trademark in electronic child monitoring devices and is easily recognizable on over 200,000 buses across North America by its unique slick appearance and impregnable Steel Cased “Stop and Check” reset button. Designed “by drivers for drivers,” the system was originally developed as a job security device (to safeguard its own drivers against mishaps). The system remains completely inconspicuous to the driver providing unsurpassed functionality and bypass protection, which fits generically within the driver’s routine. As one example, Child Check-Mates flexibility allows the driver the option of resetting the system with or without the engine running. This is an important feature when you consider that a majority of drivers prefer to perform their child check procedure prior to returning to the yard (at a predetermined time and place), while leaving the engine running for time convenience and/or cool down periods. Again, it’s all about generics! There are no gimmicks or warning lights to look for, or time restrictions to impede driver performance; simply an all-audible microprocessor dual-alarm system that alerts the driver at the completion of each run to remind the driver to check for children. As easy to install as it is to operate, each Check-Mate system comes with a no-questions asked (5) year warranty and unmatched price performance.

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