School Bus DVR Video Surveillance

Video Surveillance Systems for School Buses

While video surveillance in school buses has been popular for years, new advances in technology make it more affordable than ever. Additionally, digital harddrive based units can store more footage than ever, with amazing clarity and frame capture rate.

The addition of our GPS tracking system enables a variety of alerts via the on-board modem. Know instantly when a hard drive fails, is removed, video is lost, or if the vehicle is in a crash.

Most school buses can be covered with a 4 channel DVR video system, but we carry 12 channel units for more comprehensive coverage with up to 12 cameras. Reduce liabilities, avoid problems, and keep your drivers and passengers safe.
school bus fight camera

Unique Features for School Buses

G Force sensors can detect when an impact is made, and inputs can help monitor peripherals like turn signals, motorized stop signs, and door pin switches. This additional data can be watermarked to your captured video footage for additional analysis of incidents.

Additionally, notices can be posted on the inside and outside of the school bus to warn passengers and bystanders that they are under surveillance, deterring disorderly behavior before it even occurs.

Parents, educators, and drivers will all feel safer and smarter with the presence of a DVR surveillance system. Proactive measures like DVR can not only reduce your bus insurance and improve safety, but give your fleet an image of responsibility and integrity.

12 Channel Mobile DVR System

Packed with powerful features, and enough storage and inputs to accommodate up to 12 cameras, this DVR system is ideal for large buses.

  • 12 channels of video and audio recording
  • Front and rear panel video/audio outputs for easy connection and configuration
  • Special Graphical User Interface design for use with mobile small-sized monitors

4 Channel Mobile DVR Surveillance System

Any School bus is a perfect fit for our 4 channel DVR. Even large buses can be secured with 4 camera inputs, as they can cover the front, back, and two angles in the passenger compartment.

  • 4 Channels of real time D1 video and audio recording
  • Recording Rate : up to 30 FPS per channel at D1 resolution
  • USB port supports a mouse for easy setup, programming, playback and export

View Sample Videos of our Ford Transit van

    See footage and screenshots of our 4-channel DVR system in action