GPS Spouse Tracking… the alternative to a private investigator

Marital problems

It’s not about trust, it’s about peace of mind.

The truth can be liberating, and that’s why many individuals choose to use a private investigator to help with their marital problems. GPS tracking can offer a more private and hands-on alternative to a PI by putting the investigation in your hands. Avoid a detrimental accusation by confirming or disproving your assumptions with GPS tracking.

Introducing covert, reliable, and feature-rich GPS tracking for your spouse or partner. Leverage 24/7 web-based tracking from any computer, and configurable text message alerts for zone exiting, and arrival at a set landmark. Use the vehicle history to run reports about frequently visited locations, start & stop times, and other useful data sets.

On-site installations available at any location you choose

Movin’ On can travel to your home or office to install your tracking unit. Also take advantage of our shop in Franklin Square, NY and get your unit installed today.

Investigative GPS Tracking Administrative Reports

Location Reports

Vehicle status
Landmark summary
Visited Addresses
Exit/entry of zones
Routes travelled
Stop report
Trip Report

Event Reports

Event details
Idle time
Idle time – with map
Speed violation

The truth is your business only

Don’t hire a private investigator without trying GPS tracking first. Validate your assumptions before you take the next step.

We take your privacy extremely seriously! We handle all inquiries with the utmost sensitivity and professionalism. Fill out the form below if you wish to be contacted, and remember that our company tracks vehicles mainly for companies, parents, and individuals who are looking to secure their own vehicles. As long as you own the vehicle, we can offer you the same tracking system for any of these purposes. If you wish to contact us instead, you can call (516) 489-2350.
We do not share, forward, or distribute your information, period.

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