Temperature Monitoring

Screen of our temperature monitoring device

Get alerted, keep records, have proof.

Movin’ On GPS is proud to offer temperature monitoring devices specific to your application. Our devices can monitor the temperature of a vehicle cargo bay in set intervals, and then log the data for printing later on. This can give you and your customers peace of mind, and even liberate you in light of a discrepancy.

Combine the Technology with Tracking

When temperature monitoring systems are combined with our GPS tracking system, you, your dispatcher, or your driver can be notified instantly when a temperature deviates from a set range. This notification can be sent to your cell phone via SMS, so you have as much time as possible to save your cargo. You can even be notified when your unit runs out of paper!

Common Applications

  • Food Transport
  • Biomedical Supplies
  • Sensitive equipment
  • Plants and Animals

Protective Housing & Backup Battery

  • Lock and Key
  • Plexiglas Cover
  • Water Resistant Seal
  • 9V Backup Battery

Typical Installation