I’m glad I made the choice to use Movin’ On to handle my GPS tracking needs

“From start to finish you and your staff have been nothing better than professional and courteous. We are very impressed with the system and already it has worked to our advantage. We have more vehicles coming very soon.”

Vincent Pavlovsky, Service Masters Inc. | Bohemia, Long Island, New York

Our company knows it made the right decision

“We decided on Movin’ On because of the personal attention and genuine concern we received when collecting information. Our company knows it made the right decision. Our bills are always clear, and never contain any hidden fees or overage charges. In a time where there are many choices, it is good to know we can rely on Movin’ On for such a crucial piece of our business.”

Jaqueline Hart-Cangero, Hart Petroleum | Deer Park, Long Island, New York

We are very pleased with the system

“We are very pleased with the system, it has been helpful and proved useful on many occasions. On the rare occasion we did have a problem, the staff has been responsive and quick to fix the problem. We look forward to expanding the program in the future as the budget permits.”

Justin McCaffrey, Public Safety Commissioner, Town of Oyster Bay | Long Island, New York

Saving us time and money

BP Air conditioning truck with gps tracking

“As fleet manager of one of New York’s premier HVAC service companies, monitoring logistics of service vehicles throughout the tri-state area had always been a daunting task. Technician assignment has been streamlined with the help of the Movin’ On GPS tracking system, both benefiting our clients and saving us time and money.”

Fleet Manager, BP Air Conditioning | Glendale, Queens, New York

Knowing the location of our staff at any given moment was essential

“Dover Caterers has been specializing in catering events from 50 to 10,000 guests for over 100 years. Between servicing corporate clients, municipalities, and private functions, knowing the location of our staff at any given moment was essential. The pinpoint accuracy of Movin’ On’s GPS Fleet Tracking system has become a major component of our operation!”

Owner, Dover Caterers | Plainview, Long Island, New York

We decided to switch our entire fleet over

“Our existing GPS provider was giving us nothing but problems. Not only were their units unreliable, but getting them to repair the problems was like pulling teeth.

When someone recommended Movin’ On GPS, we had to give them a try. They gave us a one month trial, and we decided to switch our entire fleet over. The price of their equipment was half what our old provider’s was, and they were there to install them the very next day.

Since then, Movin’ On has responded to all of our concerns promptly—usually within 24 hours. Our expensive equipment is at the heart of our business, and putting it at risk is simply not an option! With Movin’ On GPS, we know our assets are safe.”

Armondo, Fleet Manager JLJ Enterprises | Jamaica, New York

The reports allow our company to be more efficient

Audio Command Systems

“Movin’ On GPS provides us with GPS reports that are easy and intuitive to use. The reports allow our company to be more efficient and prevent theft of services by allowing us to track our vehicles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can prevent speeding as well as improper use of company vehicles. Bruce Cirillo has been incredibly responsive to any issues that have arisen with the GPS systems and has provided us with prompt, courteous service. Audio Command Systems has greatly benefited from the services that Movin’ On GPS has provided us with!”

Joe Calabrese, CFO | Audio Command Systems, Inc. | Westbury, Long Island, New York

Our delivery success rate has increased 25%

GPS tracking customer

“Many of our customers are on COD. Now that our dispatchers can track the location of the trucks in the field, we can give the customers precise times that the driver will arrive. Yeah, it’s a little Big Brother-ish, but our delivery success rate has increased about 25%.”

Sam Lavelle, Fuel oil company | Long Island, New York

Costs were decreased

“Until we had your mobile monitoring system installed in our district Chief vehicles, our monthly fuel and maintenance expenses were astronomical. Immediately, all related costs were decreased and we then had a means of monitoring the non-fire usage, 24 hr. location and speeds that our vehicles were being driven.”

Derrick Fennell, Fire Commissioner | Nassau County, Long Island, New York

A pleasure to work with

“We installed GPS units in all our delivery vans and discovered that a few of the drivers were taking long lunches every day. Some were even using the vans on the weekends for personal business. The Movin On system helped us correct this problem quickly, paying for itself almost immediately. They are also professional, their installers know what they are doing, and overall are a pleasure to work with.”

General Manager, Delivery Company

We always know where each and every vehicle is

“There have been so many times when a driver doesn’t answer the phone – either because he is out of the car, or for some other reason. Since we had the GPS system put in, we always know where each and every vehicle is – down to the exact corner!”

Jeff Knobel, Dispatch manager

My kids were driving places I didn’t want them to go

“I had long suspected my kids were driving places I didn’t want them to go, despite my telling them so. The day I had the Movin On GPS system installed, I was notified via email that they had driven into New York City! One word…..grounded!”

Dave Goldberg, Father of two