The Autobolt Vehicle Deadbolt

Dodge Sprinter Van

The Only Vehicle Deadbolt

The Autobolt doesn’t compete, it enhances, adding a simple, strong and secure layer of protection for your vehicles. The Autobolt works seamlessly with all anti-theft systems including:

  • Audible Alarms
  • Steering Wheel Locks
  • Steering Column Collars
  • Theft Deterrent Decals
  • Tire Locks * Smart Keys
  • Kill Switches
  • GPS Tracking Systems


The Autobolt will Protect your Assets

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  • The Auto-Bolt™ is simple. The dead-bolt approach for securing all types of doors has been around for hundreds of years and has changed very little. It is right up there with the wheel regarding inventions that have never lost their simplicity and effectiveness.
  • The Auto-Bolt™ is literally and figuratively invisible. When The Auto-Bolt™ is activated, it is literally invisible from inside or outside of the vehicle. Because there is no separate remote device for The Auto-Bolt™, it is figuratively invisible to the thief, meaning he does not know that it exists when he attempts to steal the vehicle. If the thief can’t see it, the thief can’t defeat it.
  • The Auto-Bolt™ was designed so that any pressure placed on the door is transferred to the sheet metal, not the Auto-Bolt™ itself. Assuming a thief discovered its existence, it would take in excess 1,800 lbs of pressure to break The Auto-Bolt™. For the thief to even gain access to the bolt, he would need heavier than usual equipment that would slow him down and add difficulty and risk.
  • The Auto-Bolt™ is super convenient. Close the door, push a button.
  • The Auto-Bolt™ is motor driven. There is no solenoid and therefore no power drain when activated.

Cross Section of The Autobolt Vehicle Deadbolt