MOSS-4118 Rear View Mirror Monitor

truck with rear view mirror cameraThe Moss-4118 is a fully functional rear view mirror, with a “hidden”  4″ screen in the right side. When powered up, the video monitor and mirror can be used concurrently. A backup camera wired to the MOSS-4118 would allow the driver to keep his eyes on the rear area of the vehicle, while also viewing the smaller area that the backup camera shows. This is the ultimate in rear visibility.

For a professional installation, our MOSS rear view mirror brackets fit your windshield just like factory, with specific brackets for different model vehicles. Click here to view our brackets.

  • OEM style mirror/ monitor
  • Original pedestal built in mirror, with wire harness to conceal wiring
  • High resolution 4” Digital LCD display
  • Resolution: 480 * RGB * 272
  • Super high brightness: 800cdm
  • Auto Brightness
  • Automatic activation when you select reverse gear
  • Additional pedestal mounts available: (Toyota, Dodge, Honda, Mazda, Suzuki, etc.)
  • Dual video input, reverse video priority
  • Brightness OSD

Download MOSS-4118 Spec Sheet

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