MOSS-DC3 Key Features

Automatic Motion-Detected Recording

When “Park Mode” is enabled the system will detect motion and record at an adjustable frame rate. If vehicle moves continuous recording will enact.

Automatic Emergency Recording

When an impact is detected by the embedded G-sensor, the scenes from 15 seconds before the accident till 15 seconds after the accident are separately saved to conveniently secure and manage the accident images.

Cycle recording

During recording, the video images are saved in 60 second files. If the capacity of the micro SDHC card runs short, the images from the oldest ones are automatically deleted while still saving any events files in a separate location. SD cards can be partitioned as needed.

Wi-Fi / LTE Telecommunication (option)

Future expansion will enable offloading of files via wireless methods.

High Speed & Performance CPU

MOSS DC3 system operates stably as the image Processing time is reduced by adopting a high performance CPU (Cortex A8 800MHz), and the fast speed further strengthens the stability.

Support 128GB large memory storage

MOSS DC3 has two (2) slots for removable micro SDHC cards each with 64GB memory support. One micro SDHC slot uses the ‘Primary memory slot’ and the other one uses the ‘Secondary memory slot’. Removable micro SDHC card are protected via Tamperproof external case.

High-Definition HD & 6 Glass Prime Lens

MOSS DC3 has two(2) built in High-definition HDCMOS image sensor and all glass prime lens. Glass lens outperform plastic lens in high-temperature environments. Glass lens provide a higher quality recorded video image. MOSS DC3 is recording 2 of 1280x720p resolution at 30 fps. (Front & InCabin view)

WDR & Auto Image Control Technology

1/3” Digital HD CMOS image sensors provide automatic controls for Image quality. Automatic exposure control (AEC), Automatic gain control (AGC), Automatic black level calibration (ABLC), Automatic white balance(AWB), Automatic Wide Dynamic Range(WDR).

Rotatable Camera for any angle

MOSS DC3 is designed for all types of windshields via rotatable camera modules Front/InCabin’s camera modules are able to lock in place via Tamperproof case.

Wide infrared Camera for Darkness

MOSS DC3 is designed for 100% darkness environment recording of InCabin area for the safety of the driver. MOSS DC3 has wide and clear angle IR recording in the darkness.

CCTV Monitoring with Recording

MOSS DC3 provides CCTV mode interface for Live Video monitoring at the driver’s seat.
Note: Installation of optional monitor and cable are needed for this feature.

  • Mode 1 : Front view
  • Mode 2 : Front view & InCabin view
  • Mode 3 : Front view & InCabin view & Rear view (while in rev)
  • Mode 4 : Rear(Dome) view while in reverse

Built-in GPS receiver (Worldwide support)

  • Media Tek MT3337 Single Chip
  • RoHs compliant
  • Google Maps

Built-in Acceleration sensor

3-Axis accelerations sensor built-in. MOSS DC3 driving recorder is monitoring 3-Axis sensor detect for vehicle movements. MOSS DC3 is operating automatic sensor calibration in each type of vehicle.

Event file folder / Data LOG

  • EVENT file : Create before 15 sec.±0.25s after 15 sec.±0.25s (total 30 sec.)
  • ALL TIME file : Cycle recording (overwrite to oldest file) / 1 file’s term is 1 minute.
  • LOG file : G-sensor log, GPS log and Accident log are able to open by Microsoft Excel®

Several Interface Terminals

MOSS DC3 has several interface terminals for high performance and integrates with other external devices like smartphones, tablets, wireless LTE modems, Wi-Fi modems, OBDII scanners etc.

High Temperature performance

MOSS DC3 is designed for operating performance in High Temperature environments. The product has passed temperature tests between -20°C to +85°C while operating for 96 hours.

UL94-V0 Anti-Fire base material

MOSS DC3 is designed case & PCB by fire retardant material based on UL94-V0 for Fire-protection.

Tamperproof housing plate

  • Joint Tamperproof case with Special shape screw.
  • Lock up to all cables connection & angles of Cameras.
  • Lock up to all micro SDHC card slots

tamperproof housing plate

Uni-body angle cradle for all type Vehicles

Unibody cradle