MOSS-DC3 Dual Lens Drive Cam for Police Cars

dash cam for police cars

The MOSS-DC3 is a high performance drive cam with a number of onboard features for your police cruiser fleet, including GPS, motion detection while parked, G-sensor, manual event, emergency event triggers, and optional Wifi/LTE for remote access (Availability TBD).

The DC3 has HD video quality for front and driver recording plus the option of connecting a third external camera. The DC3 is truly the perfect drive cam for police cars, with flexibility to spare. All at a price you can afford!

The DC3 has all the features you would expect from a commercial grade drive cam, and more. For instance, the tamperproof case keeps the camera adjustments in place and the SD cards from being removed. Event files can be easily exported from a USB port on the device or a remotely mounted location.

The mounting cradle is also designed to accommodate all vehicle types, including sedans and SUVs. Since the dual lens is on an adjustable mount, the angle of the windshield can be taken into account during setup. To learn more, download the user guide below.

police car drive camera

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